Monday, 17 April 2017


Hello and welcome to Plant Powered Human!

My name is Darragh, I'm from Cork, Ireland, and I'm vegan.
Now that all that's out of the way let me say that I have no clue what I'm doing with this blog ahahaha!
I suppose I'm starting Plant Powered Human to share recipes, thoughts, and facts all about food with people and also to inspire people to love eating good food.
So my plan for this blog basically is to post recipes, restaurant/café reviews, product reviews, rants, and chats that'll hopefully inspire people to be interested in food!
So because I'm vegan that means the food I eat is all plant-based, there are no animals involved, they're allowed do their own thing! Also, I don't wear leather or wool or any of that and don't visit places that use animals as a form of entertainment, e.g zoos, horse racing etc. Now I know that seems crazy that I won't eat bacon or I won't wear a leather jacket but that's just what feels like the right thing to do for me, for the animals, and for our planet. 
I'm not expecting to turn anyone vegan but I guess this blog is here to help inform people about the amazing benefits of eating more fruit and veg and even going completely vegan!
Oh another thing, I'm going to keep this blog as real as possible. Obviously I'm going to post pictures of cool food but if I mess up I'll post that too! Life is far too short to be trying to make it seem like you're perfect and that your life is flawless. I'll try to post pictures of nice looking food the whole time but if I spill a smoothie or make a disgusting curry I'll make sure to include that too hahaha! My life is far from perfect and I can kind of cook! I think it's so much more important to focus on positivity and love instead of trying to be 'perfect'.

Okay, enough chattin', here's some random info about me:

This is me (hello)

This is me standing on a bridge trying to look cool because I needed photos for this blog post that you're reading right now

This is my favourite fruit

This is me standing in the mirror with a smoothie bowl (one of my favourite things to make!)

This is an unreal black bean burger that I got in Coqbull

These are some chocolate Oreo cupcakes I made a while ago

These are probably one of the nicest things I ever made in my life; cauliflower buffalo wing tacos! (They were beyond delicious)

 If you're somehow still reading this silly 'ol blog post then I must thank you for putting up with me blabbing on about food haha! I have no clue when I'm going to post my next blog post but I promise I'll stick to a schedule once I have one!
Thank you for reading this far, I'll leave you with one of my favourite quotes:

Exciting things to come
Big love,



  1. Hey Darragh, could you post the recipe for the chocolate oreo cupcakes please? They look lovely!! thanks :)

    1. Hi Ciara! Omg that's such a good idea, I'll let ya know when that blog post will be posted!!! :)


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