Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sprout & Co.

I was in Dublin over the Easter holidays and being in Dublin meant that I had to go to Sprout & Co. I'm completely in love with everything they do and if I could live in one of their kitchens I would!

Sprout isn't fully vegan but they have plenty of vegan options and amazing food. They focus on food that is healthy, seasonal, and local and that is extremely evident when you step into one of their caf├ęs. They have 5 locations in Dublin:
  • Dawson Street
  • Lower Mount Street
  • Sir John Rogerson's Quay
  • Ballsbridge Terrace
  • Avoca Handweavers, Dunboyne
I went to the Sprout on Sir John Rogerson's Quay which is slightly out of the way but it's completely worth the walk to get there. The sun was shining the day I was there and it was beautiful being right by the quay, I was tempted to have a picnic with all the food I got!

The building itself is unreal, it looks like a farm shed and the bricks and massive sliding wooden doors are amazing. The inside of Sprout is everything that their food is: clean, fresh, and beautiful. (I'm completely obsessed, I could have stayed there all day!!!)

I love everything that Sprout is about. Their main focus is on supplying fresh food that tastes amazing and is healthy. Their ethos from their website says: "Great ingredients are at the core of everything we do at Sprout & Co. All our ideas revolve around the Irish seasons and what is available to us from local growers, farmers and suppliers. We change our menus seasonally to reflect what is available to us."

Another thing I love about Sprout is their transparency and authenticity. They have all their fruit and veg on display and all of it is actually used. They're not like other restaurants who only have fruit and veg on show just to pretend that they're 'fresh' etc ahahaha! Sprout make up everything in front of you, there's no hiding anything so everything they use is healthy and fresh.

I could talk for days about how much I love Sprout but I think I should talk about the food I got now!

I went for the Protein Grain Box which was €8.95 and oh my god I had enough food in it to last me all day, no joke! I'd nearly call it a Protein Grain Bucket because of the amount of food you get, so it's 100000% worth the money!
In the box I got falafel, brown rice, spiced cauliflower, roasted butternut squash, olive oil, rocket, and hummus. I'm not joking when I say that it was one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten in my life. Ever.

There was the perfect amount of leaves Vs chunky stuff if that makes any sense, like it was very easy to eat with all the rocket but at the same time it was very very filling with the falafel and other bits and bobs. I'd give it 11/10, it was divine!

I also got the Carrot & Co. juice which was the best decision of my life. It was €4.50 which might seem a bit expensive but Sprout cold press all of their juices which doesn't oxidise or degrade the fruit or veg. This means that 100% of the nutrients are preserved which means you're paying for a bottle of complete goodness, unlike other brands who want you to buy their 'healthy' juices full of sugar and preservatives etc etc!

The juice was made up of carrot, apple, passion fruit, and orange and oh my god it was the nicest juice I ever had in my life! It tasted kind of like a fancy orange juice if that makes any sense haha! They do so many other juice combinations so I must try them all!

If you're ever in Dublin I highly recommend that you pop into Sprout & Co. you have 5 amazing locations to choose from!!!
Make sure to check out their website and their Instagram to keep up to date with all of Sprout's amazing adventures!
Here are some more pictures:

Thanks for everything Sprout, you rock!
Big love,

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