Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bean Brownie Company

Bean Brownie Company is one of my favourite food companies ever. Amazing food even more amazing people, and overall just the coolest vibe ever!
Everyone who works there are all far too nice and I could chat to them all day!

They have a stall at 3 different farmers markets during the week:
  • Wilton Farmers Market - Tuesday - 10am to 2:30pm
  • Mahon Point Farmers Market - Thursday - 10am to 2:30pm
  • Douglas Farmers Market - Saturday - 10am to 2pm
Whenever I'm free on one of those days I always try and make it to their stall because it's 100000% worth it!

Bean Brownie isn't fully vegan but they have loads of options and they focus on having fresh, healthier baked treats ranging from bean brownies and protein brekkie muffins to paleo lemon bars and wow pies (that are literally the coolest looking things ever!)

I stole this picture from their amazing Instagram! (Their pictures make me so hungry omg)
They also have an absolutely amazing selection of protein balls that come in every flavour and combination available! The have loads of different options, with a good amount of dairy-free protein blends too so there's a choice for everyone!

I love Bean Brownie's fresh approach to food. They make everything fresh themselves for the stall, don't pump their food full of sugar, and they're honest and open about everything they make. It's so refreshing to see such a transparent and authentic company especially since there are so many other companies just trying to take your money and fill you with sugar! Bean Brownie aren't like that, they're defo one of a kind!

Whenever I'm there I always go for the peanut butter & tahini cookie, the date caramel slice, or the banoffee pie! They're all amazing!

When I went vegan I thought I'd never eat another caramel square again. My sister makes the most amazing caramel squares (full of sugar and milk and not-so-good ingredients haha) so going vegan meant I couldn't eat them anymore.
No joke I nearly cried when I had Bean Brownie's caramel slice for the first time. Not only is it the best caramel slice I've ever had (better than yours Ailbhe, sorry!) it's also much healthier than a standard caramel slice as the base is a cashew butter spelt biscuit base, the caramel is made with dates, and it's topped with dark chocolate! It's divine!

Their peanut butter & tahini cookie is filled with their version of Nutella (even better than the original, trust me) and is amazing with a cup of tea or coffee.

The banoffee pie is beyond divine oh my god! It has a peanut butter biscuit base, date caramel, sliced bananas, coconut cream, and dark chocolate. Heaven in a pot!

Another thing I love about Bean Brownie's food, apart from the amazing flavours of course, is that because they use healthier ingredients the food is genuinely filling and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. And because they don't use much (or any) refined sugar, you never get any sugar rush and then a horrible crash afterwards that you'd get from ordinary, processed food!
Bean Brownie's focus on fresh, good food is genuinely inspiring and if more companies were like them the world would certainly be a much better place!

Here are some more pictures:
(I stole the last 4 from their Instagram hehe)

They also do catering boxes and amazing cakes etc so defo get onto them if you have any special events or anything!!!
I completely forgot to mention that their packaging and their displays at all of their stalls are amazing and are works of art! The attention to detail they have is truly incredible.

If you're ever at one of the farmers markets make sure to visit them and you can order from their website too. Their website has loads more info anyway like how to contact them etc, so check it out!
Give them a follow on their InstagramTwitter, and Facebook and prepare to be drooling over all the amazing pictures of food!
Thank you so much for everything, Bean Brownie, ye're unreal!
Big love,


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