Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Rolling Donut

Over the Easter holidays I was in Dublin so of course I had to go to The Rolling Donut!
They have 3 locations in Dublin, 2 stores and 1 kiosk:
  • O' Connell Street, Lower (Kiosk)
  • Bachelors Walk (Store)
  • South King Street (Store)

When I was in Dublin I went to the stores on Bachelors Walk and South King Street, I didn't actually know they had a kiosk too!
Both stores are in really good locations, TRD Bachelors Walk is just by O'Connell Street and it's on the street where the Aircoach drops you off in Dublin! TRD South King Street is just next to St. Stephen's Green so you can get your donuts and go for a picnic if it's a nice day!

The whole vibe of The Rolling Donut is really relaxed and chilled, it's so cool. Even when it's crazy busy and everyone's buying their donuts it never seems frantic or anything, it's a good vibe.

The Rolling Donut do the most amazing vegan donuts oh my gooooodness! They have about 5 or 6 different vegan flavours and oh my god I've had nearly all of them and they're divine!
Their website says: "All of our sourdough donuts are made fresh every day in our bakery with all fillings, glazes and toppings produced in-house. We use only fresh & locally sourced ingredients where possible. Our donuts have no trans fats and our yeast contains vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin!"

I went for all vegan donuts (obvs!), in The Rolling Donut on Bachelors Walk I got a chocolate and coconut donut for €3 and it was unreal!!! It was actually like eating a cloud, it was amazing and it genuinely filled me up too because it was so big!

Then Ailbhe wanted to go to St. Stephen's Green and then I saw the other Rolling Donut on South King Street so we had to go to that one too!

(Shoutout to my sister for the amazing hand modelling)
In TRD South King Street I said I'd splash out and I got a box of 3 donuts for €8 which is such a good price. I went for a chocolate and coconut donut (because the last one was so nice!), a strawberry jam donut, and a pistachio donut. The box that they came in was so cool, it was like a fancy shoe box, I wanted to keep it.

All of the donuts were genuinely unreal, incredibly fluffy, and very filling! I have to say that my favourite was the chocolate and coconut donut!!!

Literally every time I go to Dublin I have to go to The Rolling Donut, it's always part of my schedule! If you're ever in Dublin they're 1000000% worth popping into to pick up a donut or two.
Check out their website and their Instagram to keep up with all things donut-related!
Here are some more pics:

Thanks for everything, The Rolling Donut! Keep on rolling!
Vegan donut vibes,

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