Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What I Ate In Berlin And Prague

In May I went to Berlin and Prague with my favourite people Ailbhe and Maeve. It was an absolutely incredible trip and it made me want to travel travel travel for the rest of my life!
This blog post isn't a 'Everything That I Ate In Berlin And Prague', I wasn't going to take pictures of everything I ate ahaha I was on me holidays for feck sake!
But I suppose this post is kinda proving how easy and fun it is to travel and eat amazing (and some not-so-amazing) food as a vegan ahaha.
And let me say oh my god Berlin is amazing for vegan, organic, good food! I bought a punnet of organic blueberries there for 89c yet in Ireland a punnet of 'normal' blueberries would cost at least €1.80!
Travelling around Europe really opened my eyes to how amazing other countries are for affordable good food and how not-so-good Ireland is hmmm....!

But anyway, onto the blog post!
To be honest I thought I'd let the photos do the talking instead of me blabbing on about everything but I will throw in an 'aul comment from time to time haha! If you have any specific questions though about the places I ate at, what I ate, how to plan for travelling as a vegan/vegetarian/someone-who-doesn't-want-to-eat-chips-every-day-while-they're-on-holidays just give me a shout by email ( or over on my Insta!

I've been looking for these sweets since Ellie Goulding had them on her Instagram story haha! Finally found them in Dublin airport so I thought it was a good start to the trip!
This was an absolutely amazing red curry with mango, coconut milk, veg, salad, peanuts, rice, and vegan chicken from H&D Chay, a fully vegan restaurant in Berlin

All aboard the carb-mobile!
This was the 1st sign I saw for a fully vegan restaurant and I got very excited! Berlin and Prague have loads of fully vegan places to go to, it's truly incredible!!!
1st green smoothie I got in Berlin, I was very very happy at first but to be honest the smoothie was very average ahaha I'd give it 5 out of 10 like!
What I was thinking in this moment: FRUIT!
Top tip for travelling as a vegan: Always keep a stash of food ready because you never know when you're going to find nice food next ahaha!

Found a vegan shoe shop ooooh yes

Me and my no.1 pal, Chunky Lips
I found a fully vegan supermarket called Veganz and oh my god it was like heaven! Everything there was vegan, it was one of the coolest things ever:

I got a vegan Magnum!!! It was my first magnum in about 2 years I'd say and it was goooood. The chocolate on the outside was fab but the ice cream on the inside was a bit chewy so I wasn't mad about it, but still good!
After going to the East Side Gallery we went to The Bowl, a fully vegan restaurant, aka my favourite place everrrrr. I have a blog post coming soon all about The Bowl mmmm I'm getting hungry even thinking about it! Genuinely the nicest food I've ever had. Ever!

I got the California bowl and a grapefruit kombucha cocktail, Ailbhe went for some sweet potato wedges, and Maeve got the 'Green Mango' smoothie 
After all that amazing food I somehow managed to have a 'Purple Haze' smoothie, one of the nicest smoothies I ever had! 
I always wanted to try a portobello mushroom burger and just by chance I found one in Prague! It was quite tasty and had a good flavour but the texture was a bit dodgy but it was nice to finally try one!

Shoutout to Maeve for being the best map reader I've ever known!

This was the worst smoothie I ever had in my life. Ever. Omg there were even ice cubes in it but it wasn't cold?! It was supposed to be a mango/coconut smoothie but it tasted like dirty water to be honest ahahaha! Oh dear it was quite an experience to say the least!

I bought some quinoa chips and the bag was literally empty! Needless to say I wasn't impressed...!
A beautiful fruit stall in a market in Prague (I didn't know how much money I had left so I didn't buy any but I wish I bought some!)
We weren't trying to be fancy with our M&S food, we just wanted food we recognised ahaha and who knew that Marks and Spencer did vegan sandwiches eh?!

Fuelling up with a green smoothie before the flight home

Shoutout to Ailbhe and Maeve for putting up with me getting excited over food for 5 days...they're 2 troopers! For example, I was very excited when I saw a bottle of water and I nearly cried when I was in The they put up with me I'll never know so THANK YOU!!!

This trip showed me how easy it is to be vegan and healthy-ish while travelling and on a budget! It might seem a bit scary going to places that you've never been and food you've never eaten but with a little bit of planning before you go it makes things so much easier!
If you take anything at all away from this blog post then please let it be:
We're all so lucky that we have the opportunity to be able to go to other countries and experience other people and their culture, their food, their beliefs, their outlook on life, and all that goes with it. If you ever have the chance to travel, never say no because travelling opens your mind and gives you an insight into the bigger picture, the world!
Sorry I'm getting a bit philosophical but travel is so amazing and we should all make the most of it while we can!
Until the next blog post, travel as much as you can, have an open mind and an open heart, and eat your veg!
Big love,


  1. Your sister sent me a link to your post after I tweeted out about rec's for places to eat in Berlin. There is so much choice I don't even know where to begin (which is a nice problem as I come from rural N.Ireland in which Vegetarians are few and far between never mind Vegans). Great blog post, I'm gonna make sure to try out H&D Chay for sure it looks so good and I've heard lots of people mention 'The Bowl'. The idea of an entirely Vegan supermarket has me excited beyond belief, I may have to pack a fairly empty suitcase :)

    1. Aaaah Sara thank you so much for checking out this blog post, you're a star! Oh I feel the exact same as a vegan in Cork, there are very little options, it's so annoying! Berlin is a veggie paradise oh my goooooodness, you'll have a ball there!!! H&D Chay and The Bowl are both amazing, The Bowl is definitely my favourite though!!! Have an amazing trip and make sure to fill up your suitcase with loads of goodies! :D


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