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What I Eat In A Day #1 (15th May 2017)

Hello and welcome to my 1st 'What I Eat In A Day' blog post!
Fun fact about me: I'm obsessed with WIEIAD blog posts, photos on Instagram, YouTube videos, everything!!!
Maybe I'm just a nosy person but I love seeing what other people eat and what their thoughts about food are etc! WIEIAD videos on YouTube always inspire me and always get me thinking about stuff to cook and eat. Some amazing YouTubers who I always watch (their WIEIAD videos are amazinggg) are Lauren Toyota from Hot For Food,  Niomi Smart, and Cam and Nina.

Before I start chatting about all the food I eat I have to let ya know that this style of blog post is not me telling you what to eat and what not to eat! And I'm not perfect, I couldn't tell you e.g how many calories I ate or the grams of fat I ate today etc. This day isn't the perfect example of what to eat, how to eat, when to eat etc etc! 
But if you have any questions/comments you'd like to tell me, please don't be afraid to send me an email to or chat to me over on my Insta!
And if you like this style of blog post please let me know and I'll do some more!

I took all the pictures for this 'What I Eat In A Day' on the 15th of May 2017, quite a while ago ahaha, I got distracted by other blog post ideas!!!

One last thing, I didn't plan for this blog post at all and I will never ever plan for a WIEIAD blog post. I want to keep these blog posts as real and as honest as possible. What I mean is that I won't pre-plan anything that I will make or anything like that. To be fair in this blog post I did know that I was going to make a dahl for dinner but everything else was literally me just deciding what to eat and then eating it!
There's nothing wrong with planning, I just think that an unplanned/spontaneous WIEIAD blog post is much more realistic and it highlights how easy (and tasty!) it can be to eat a vegan diet!

And now (finally) onto the food:

10:21am - Water (about 610ml)
When I have time in the morning I always wake up and drink some water. I don't do this on mornings I have college, but I do it at the weekends and over the holidays too. But I'm definitely going to start doing it every day soon. I find that when I drink water first thing in the morning it wakes me up and rehydrates me and I feel fresh. I usually drink the bottle of water over half an hour, I don't gulp it all down in one go! After having water my body feels alert and ready for food.
Hydration is craaaazy important!

11:05am - B12 with some orange juice
I take a B12 supplement every second day and this day was one of my days to take it! Fun fact: I can't swallow tablets normally, I don't know why ahaha! So these tablets are in capsule form so I open one, stir it into some orange juice and drink it that way.
If you're vegan you definitely need to take a B12 supplement. It's the only supplement I take as a vegan and I'm completely fine ahaha. There'll be a blog post coming soon all about it where I'll try and explain everything so don't worry!

11:16am - Pineapple smoothie bowl
When I'm not rushing anywhere in the mornings I always love making smoothie bowls! I'll be doing a blog post all about smoothie bowls soon so I'll give ya a load of recipes then but this smoothie was made from 2 bananas, a handful of frozen pineapple, orange juice, and rice milk.
On top I put oats, banana, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, goji berries, and coconut yogurt. Mmmm, it was gooood.

1:48pm - Apple, grapes, and water
I was studying for college exams when I was doing this 'What I Eat In A Day' blog post so I needed some snacks. I just had a green apple and a large handful of grapes. I also had about 500ml of water too. Study fuel!

3:45pm - Leftover Ramen, 2 potatoes, and water
After all my studying I was a bit peckish so I had some leftover Ramen and I found 2 leftover boiled potatoes in the fridge too! The potatoes actually helped cool down the 'Firecracker' that I got from Ramen. I thought I had more rice leftover than I actually had so it was very handy having the potatoes too as they helped fill me up.
I know it might seem as if I'm drinking a lot of water but I'm actually not! Spaced out over the whole day, it's so easy to drink this much and especially during the summer it's very important to stay hydrated!

6:02pm - Happy Pear bar
Shoutout to my brother for getting me this! I love The Happy Pear beyond words and I love treating myself and having their food every now and then! Super filling and super healthy, defo pick one up the next time you see them!

6:41pm - Red lentil dahl with boiled potatoes and water
This is probably one of my favourite dinners ever. No joke! Dahl is one of my favourite things to cook and it always turns out so so tasty. The dahl that I made for this blog post actually made 3 large portions so I ate one portion for my dinner (in the picture) and put the other 2 portions in the freezer! I ate it with some boiled potatoes which was actually really tasty. I usually put this soy butter that I have on potatoes but what I did instead was mash the dahl into the potato and mixed it all up so I didn't need any butter! Super tasty curry, defo one of my faves!

8:40pm - Blueberry yogurt with strawberries and seeds
I was absolutely stuffed after dinner so I didn't eat for a while. Then I got a bit peckish again so I had some Alpro blueberry yogurt with some strawberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and buckwheat. A tasty snack to keep me going!

10:30pm - Dark chocolate and sesame energy balls
I don't know why but since I've been in college I always find myself getting really inspired from about 8:30pm onwards?!! I always seem to think of cool ideas and new food to make etc, so that's how these energy balls came about! Except when I went to make some energy balls I had no peanut butter, no coconut, and only a drizzle of maple syrup left! That meant I had to get I ended up with dark chocolate energy balls and I rolled them in sesame seeds which actually worked really well even though I say so myself! I had one before I went to bed and I put the rest in a container in the fridge!
I'm thinking of doing a blog post about energy balls and have different recipes etc, if you'd be interested in that please let me know!

Then I went to bed.

That's all folks!

Thanks so much if you've read until here, I'm obviously not that boring so hahaha! Please let me know if you like this style of blog post and I'll defo do more of them!
And once again please don't think that this blog post is me telling you what to eat! It's not, it's just giving you a bitta inspiration on how to include healthier foods in your diet to make you feel better!
Until the next blog post, be kind to others and eat your veg!
Big love,

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