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The Bowl

When I was in Berlin with my twin sister Ailbhe and my best friend Maeve, I was beyond excited to eat at The Bowl. When we were planning all the bits and bobs that we'd see and do on our travels, I went onto Happy Cow to check what veggie restaurants were in Berlin. Of course, since it was Berlin, there were soooooo so so many fully vegan cafés, restaurants, and shops to eat at so I was in heaven!

When I was doing my research before travelling to Berlin I found The Bowl and instantly fell in love with it! I loved the sound of the restaurant, the food, their approach to food, etc so I told Ailbhe and Maeve that we had to go there!!! Thankfully they came along with me (thanks guys!).

The Bowl is in a really cool part of Berlin (even though every part of Berlin is cool, to be honest!) and it's close to the East Side Gallery too so you could go there, get some pictures, and then go to The Bowl for food!
The East Side Gallery is an amazing section of the Berlin Wall that's covered with beautiful and really thought-provoking art, pictures, and murals. It's incredible.

To get to The Bowl we went on the underground and it didn't take that long at all. It's so cool because The Bowl is on the 2nd floor and underneath it is a vegan café, a vegan supermarket, and next to it on the 2nd floor is a vegan shoe shop! As you can probably tell, I was in heaven!!!

The Bowl is truly amazing. Oh. My. God. Like if I could only eat in one place for the rest of my life I'd choose The Bowl, not even joking! I love everything about the it, the place, the vibe, the people, the food, the decor, it's all amazing!
I can't even put it into words how amazed I was when I was there! I wanted to stay there all day, it was really beautiful.

The Bowl is a fully vegan restaurant that has a focus on healthy, delicious, vibrant food. The restaurant places an exciting emphasis on a 'high vibe lifestyle' which is life that is natural, healthy, and full of energy. Their menu says that they are a "100% healthy food concept" for a "more conscious lifestyle". They also say that "the natural food [that they serve] provides more energy for the body, so it can vibrate in harmony". 
I love love love this approach to food and it makes me really happy knowing that there's a restaurant that has the same outlook as me!

Everything they serve in The Bowl is vegan (no animal products!), gluten free (hooray for coeliacs!), and naturally sweetened (they don't use any refined sugar!).
In the restaurant they also cook only with virgin fats/oils (no trans fats), vitalised water, Himalayan salt, and green electricity!

The Bowl's menu is amazinggggg oh my god, I actually read through it all quite a few time hehehe! We went there at dinner time so got dinner (obviously ahaha!) but they have amazing sounding breakfast options like an açai bowl, superfood porridge, and a pink chia bowl!!!
They have a whole section for smoothies mmmm, probably my favourite section! Then they also have menu sections like snacks & starters, bowls, sweets & desserts, hot beverages, tea, etc etc!

The back cover of The Bowl's menu really caught my eye. It features the restaurant's logo and the meaning behind it. This is gonna sound pure cheesy but I absolutely loved the whole explanation of the shapes and the design of the logo! The Bowl bases itself on the fact that "everything is connected" which I think is amazing. Their logo consists of a triangle, a square, and a circle, with 'The Bowl' written in the middle of it all. The triangle stands for the human being, the square represents planet earth, and the circle symbolises heaven, wholeness, and the universe. 
I know some people might not care about such a silly thing like a restaurant's logo but omg it resonated with me so much and I felt such a connection to it. I love it!!!

Of course the food at The Bowl was beyond incredible oh my goddddd!!!
Maeve got the Green Mango smoothie which was made up of mango, kale, pineapple, coconut water, xylitol, and ice cubes made of vitalised water, and it was topped with some desiccated coconut.
Ailbhe went for some sweet potato wedges that had Himalayan salt and thyme on them, and they were served with some homemade ketchup.
The drink I got (in the picture next to the Green Mango smoothie) was the Grapefruit Kombucha Cocktail (with no alcohol of course ahaha). It was amazing omg, it was made up of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, coconut sugar, hibiscus, and sparkling fermented green tea.

For my main course I got the California Bowl which was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my entire life, no joke! It was a massive bowl (bigger than what it looks like in the picture ahaha) filled with lemon quinoa, deep fried sweet potato sticks, sesame tamari spinach, apple carrot salad, avocado slices with sesame, tomato coriander salsa, teriyaki hibiscus sauce, mixed greens, and a superfood dressing.
It was beyond divine!

I had such a food baby when I was finished eating the massive bowl ahaha I was stuffed! All of the different flavours and textures in the bowl were absolutely amazing and I loved all of it! They have loads of different types of bowls too so if I'm ever in Berlin again then I hope I'll get to try out more of the different flavours!

For dessert I was going to get a cake or one of their raw desserts but since I was after travelling for a few days (this is going to sound so sad ahaha) I was craving as much fresh fruit and veg that I could get so I got a smoothie for dessert! I went for the Purple Haze smoothie which was made up with blueberries, hibiscus, banana, dates, hemp seeds, cinnamon, almond/rice milk, and ice cubes made of vitalised water. It was crazy good!!!! Such a refreshing and flavour-filled smoothie, I must try and re-create it some time hmmm!

Here are some more pictures that'll hopefully show you how amazing The Bowl is...

As you can tell from the last picture we all really enjoyed everything we got ahaha, empty glasses all round!!!
The Bowl in Berlin is definitely one of the coolest, most inspiring places I've ever been to, it's just amazing! If I ever live in Berlin in the future (hopefully I will because it's such an amazing place!) then I'll definitely go to The Bowl a lottttt!
Next time I'm visiting Berlin I'm 100000% going back to The Bowl, I'm sure of that already!
If you're visiting Berlin, living in Berlin, or just interested in such a groovy place then make sure to check out The Bowl's website, their Facebook page, and their Instagram page!
Thank you so so much for everything, The Bowl! Keep on being amazing and I hope to come back some time soon!
Big love,

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