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Dublin Food

This summer I seemed to be in Dublin a lottt, okay only 3 times, but oh my god those trips to the capital were filled with amazing people and delicious food!!!
You've probably seen some of these pictures already from my Insta but here they are again ahaha. This blog post isn't a document of absolutely everything I ate while I was in Dublin, just the best bits!!!
Here we gooooooo...

The first time I went up to Dublin during the summer I met up with my fab friend Helena who I met in San Diego 2 years ago! She's from England and she's gas, and even though we've know each other for over 2 years she still thinks my accent is funny ahaha!
We went to Kale + Coco which is a smoothie bowl bar near the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin. Since I'm such a fan of smoothie bowls I was in my element and took about 5 hours to decide what bowl to get ahaha.

In the end I went for 'The Classic A├žai' bowl and Helena went for the 'Tropical Topical' bowl mmmmm!

After that we were just strolling down some street in Dublin and I saw my friend Faoileann! She's one of the coolest, kindest, most inspiring people I know, she's just such an amazing person! So we had to catch up and chat about life so we headed to Yogism for a bit of frozen yogurt and then to Brother Hubbard South for more food!

Faoileann is in the musical 'Once' that's currently being played in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin! See, I told ya she's cool!!!

I got Yogism's vegan chocolate frozen yogurt and topped it with some pineapple, passionfruit, strawberries, and pomegranate seeds. They do this thing in Yogism where if you guess the weight of your frozen yogurt then you get it for free, but sadly I didn't guess mine right ahaha, me man literally told me "It's between 150g and 250g" and I stupidly guessed 210g but it was about 200-ish g ahaha.

Then we headed to Brother Hubbard South and got the most amazing, filling, tasty food oh my god it was ridiculously tasty! I got the 'vegan avo and peppers' which was smashed avocado and chickpea spread on toasted sourdough, topped with roast peppers, herb and tomato salsa, radish, house dukkah, and beetroot powder. It was the fanciest and nicest avocado and toast I ever had!

Myself and Helena wanted to get a nice picture of the two of us so we found this "really Irish-looking street" according to Helena and asked a random French man to take the picture ahaha

 We were absolutely stuffed at this stage but we had to go to The Rolling Donut for a bitta dessert! I love the donuts from TRD so much I actually wrote a blog post all about them a few months ago! You can read it here!
I got the 'Coffee Lover' donut and it was unreal, it literally tasted like coffee in donut form! And their donuts aren't really greasy or anything so you're not covered in oil afterwards, unlike other donuts I've had ahaha!

We went to Sprout & Co. too but we were too full to eat anything there so we got their 'Carrot & Co.' juice to go!


The 2nd time I went to Dublin was with my family, just for the laugh, we went to town and Ikea and all that jazz!

We went to The Happy Pear in Clondalkin for dinner, and for breakfast the next morning, and oh my god I had such a food baby afterwards mmmmm!
You can check out that blog post here!

In Ikea I got the veggie balls and some chips (chips are always a go-to vegan option when you're somewhere that isn't too vegan-friendly ahaha!) and it was quite tasty! It's not my type of food but it was grand like, it did the job! It's actually so good that Ikea has a vegan option, I was very impressed!

The next day in town I went to Sprout & Co. with my mom and dad and they actually loved it! There was loud house music playing so they weren't too fond of that but they loved the food ahaha!!
You can check out my blog post all about Sprout & Co. here!

I got a protein grain box with falafel, rocket, quinoa, carrot, red cabbage, and an olive oil and lemon juice dressing, it was unrealllll! I went wild and got a smoothie too, I got the 'Hello You' smoothie which was made up of almond milk, almond butter, dates, hemp protein, and banana, it was class!


The 3rd time I went to Dublin I went up with my best friend Michael. It was such a laugh, Michael is genuinely one of the kindest people I know, and it was just such a lovely, relaxed, and of course food-filled weekend!

Here I was back in Sprout again, I love the place! I brought Michael to the Sprout on Sir John Rogerson's Quay (my favourite Sprout) but they were closed ahahaha sorry 'bout that! But we strolled back to the Sprout on Dawson Street so it was graaand!
I got the 'New Falafel Salad' which had 2 falafel, roasted and pickled peppers, roasted butternut squash, seasonal greens, toasted seeds, and I got some guacamole and hummus too! Delish!
When we were leaving I got the 'Hello Smoothie', it's too good mmmmmm!

It's a long story but this is a picture I took when I was running across Dublin with a box of cacao & coconut energy balls ahaha!
For dinner we went to Brother Hubbard North and it was beyond divine! It was so cool too because Garrett Fitzgerald (the Brother Hubbard!) was there so I bought his cookbook and I got it signed too hehe, he's such a sound man like!!

I went for 'Imam Biyaldi' roasted aubergine, courgette, gently-spiced tomato sauce, chickpea, and dukkah, and a side of salad which genuinely had the nicest dressing ever oh my god!
It was such tasty food with amazing flavours, truly divine!

While we were waiting for the restaurant to open, we went into the cafe next door, called Little Brother ahaa! I got a bottle of raspberry, apple, and rose juice that was actually unreal, it tasted like how flowers smell, if that makes any sense at all!

Thank you Michael for being so kind, love ya!

The next morning myself and Michael headed to The Happy Pear in Clondalkin for breakfast and we were so lucky with our timing because Dave and Steve were there too!!!

They're actually the soundest people I've ever met, they're both lovely and funny and kind and just amazing humans! I could have chatted to them all day!!!
I made them some cacao & coconut energy balls and I made it onto their Snapchat and Instagram stories!

After taking ages to decide what to get (as per usual!), I got the pimped up porridge and an oat milk latte, it was all ridiculously delicious!

On the way out I got the most amazing dark chocolate mocha made with oat milk and I picked up a carton of oat milk that's really good for making coffee, it goes all frothy and loooovely!

Then I went home with the biggest food baby ahaha I was stuffed!

That's all, folks!
I hope you liked this blog post, I know it was a bit different from my usual ones so soz if you didn't like it!
I don't have a clue what blog post will be coming next week ahaha but if you ever have any ideas please just give me a shout over on my email ( or over on my Insta!
Until next week, eat your veg and be kind to people!
Big love,

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