Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Happy Pear Clondalkin

Last Friday and Saturday I went to Dublin with my family so we had to go and check out The Happy Pear in Clondalkin! We've been to THP in Greystones a few times (we go every summer!) so I was beyond excited to go to THP in Clondalkin and to see what it was like!

I don't know Dublin very well and I'm not gonna lie I thought Clondalkin would be a trek away but it turns out it was only a 15 minute walk from the hotel that we were staying in, not even 10 minutes by car!
And oh my god The Happy Pear in Clondalkin is everything I hoped it'd be and more, it's incredible!

The café is literally in the middle of the village and there's even a load of historical bits and bobs to read in the historical section all about the Round Tower (also known as the vegan tower of power as Dave and Steve like to call it ahaha!)

The café and food shop are amazing, you could literally stay there all day (I know I wanted to anyway!!) The café space is fab with lovely different coloured chairs, groovy pictures on the walls, and massive glass doors that can open up and that connect the indoors to the outdoors (I nearly sounded like an architect there ahaha!) Omg the whole space is amazing like! The day I was there it wasn't the sunniest of days but it was still lovely sitting outside in the garden and just chilling with all the lovely flowers!

If you don't know already I literally love The Happy Pear beyond words! Their whole approach to food, work, and life is so inspiring and I love how they're encouraging everyone to eat more veg but they're not preachy or big-headed!
So I was ridiculously excited to eat some amazing food and go to veggie heaven!
The Happy Pear is a 100% vegetarian café that focuses on whole-foods and they have so so so many vegan options it's incredible!
Not gonna lie it took me a while to decide what I wanted to eat because I wanted everything but in the end I went for the buddha bowl which was a massive bowl (a Darragh-sized bowl!) with kale, Asian salad, dahl, rice, kimchi, and sweet potato wedges. It was beyond divine!

I had the biggest food baby after finishing this massive bowl of food but it was fab because I was literally full until I went to bed that night!
Every individual part of the buddha bowl tasted ridiculously good and then eating it all together was amazingggg.

After that massive feast my mom and dad went for a stroll around the garden and round tower while I went to the little food shop with Ailbhe. After that I got a divine chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of the most amazing green tea kombucha with lemongrass and ginger, it was divine!
We sat out in the garden just as the sun decided to come out for a while, perfect timing!

I brought my Happy Pear book with me (cuz I'm so cool) and I got it signed by everyone that was working there! I'm not even joking when I say that every single person working there were genuinely the kindest, funniest, and coolest people ever. I could have chatted to them all day like! They thought it was gas that I wanted them to sign my book but they were all so so sound and we were chatting for ages!

When I was leaving (I didn't want to go at all!) I picked up a mix of 3 salads that I ate later in the hotel!
I also picked up a tub of the new 'Nuts About Choc' which is a healthier Nutella and oh my sweet Jaysus you won't understand how amazing it is until you've tried it yourself!!!!

And since I'm really smart (ahaha) I had some of the Nuts About Choc with a cookie from THP's café, such a good combination!
Oh my god like it's so creamy and gorgeous and you wouldn't even want 'normal' Nutella after you've had The Happy Pear's Nuts About Choc!
You can get it in SuperValu along with all the other Happy Pear products like their hummus and pesto! But I'd recommend you'd pick it up sooner rather than later cuz I'll eat all of it!!!!

If I could I'd live in The Happy Pear so I was so excited when myself and Ailbhe decided to come back the next morning for breakfast!
After taking a long time to decide (again!) I went for the pancakes, a bowl of porridge, and a flat white with rice milk!

The pancakes were topped with coconut yoghurt, Nuts About Choc, blueberries, raspberries, and cacao nibs! The porridge was made with jumbo oats and rice milk and it was free (with no toppings) which I think is genuinely amazing because first of all people can get a healthy option for breakfast to start their day and it also gives people the chance to jump on board the porridge train! In a world where money etc comes first it's truly lovely to know that The Happy Pear cares about its customers and it values everyone's health!

I finished eating my breakfast at about 9:30am and I'm not even joking I was stuffed until about 2pm!!! I had such a food baby omg! But it was brilliant because I wasn't sure what food I'd be getting in Dublin city later on!

After breakfast I picked up a tub of their salted caramel bites for the journey home and I'm so glad I did because they were delicious! They were kind of like mini caramel square bites but so much tastier and much healthier too!

If you want to sum up The Happy Pear in 1 quote then it definitely has to be the quote in the photo just above this!

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." - Mother Teresa

Whenever I think of The Happy Pear I always think of the words 'incredible', 'inspiring', 'motivating', 'unique', 'refreshing', 'uplifting', and my trip to The Happy Pear in Clondalkin proved to me how accurate these words are!
I'm genuinely in awe of everything everyone at The Happy Pear does!
Thank you so so so much for making fruit and veg cool and thank you for doing all you can to build a happier, healthier world!
I can't wait to visit again, I'm dreaming about all the amazing food already omg!!!
Big love,

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