Sunday, 1 October 2017

Choose Kindness

Hello and welcome to another chatty blog post, also known as the blog-posts-where-Darragh-doesn't-have-any-recipe-so-he-decides-to-talk-a-load-of-shite ahaha!
Okay so before I start this blog post I just want to say that I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life or anything like that ahaha!
I guess this blog post is just a collection of different thoughts that I've had and my attempt at putting them into words, which I'm usually not the best at doing oh my god like...
Anyway, here's another blog post where I just chat about life and all that jazz.

It's so easy to be kind.
Like, it probably takes the same energy to be kind as it does to be mean.
It always baffles me when people waste their energy on being mean and nasty, instead of just saying nothing or trying to turn a negative situation into a positive one!
Now I'm not saying that you have to be the kindest person in the world, 24/7, that's impossible!
I just think it'd be cool if everyone chose to be a bit kinder to each other. In my opinion that would make the world a much nicer, cooler place.

I think it's so important to have an optimistic outlook on life as much as you can! I know that sounds so cheesy and annoying but if you try and be more positive about things happening in your life then things will genuinely begin to get better.
And I've found that it's so much easier to be kind and helpful when you have an optimistic approach to life.
Maybe it's just an Irish thing but it seems that people complain about anything and everything at every opportunity that they get!
It's so so easy to be like:

  • "Oh the weather is awful"
  • "I hate her dress"
  • "Why did I get so much homework"
  • "I won't have enough time for everything"

But why not try thinking:

  • "I know it's raining but hey I have a cool umbrella so it's all good"
  • "Her dress is odd but her shoes are unreal"
  • "I got a lot of homework but hey I suppose that's going to happen every so often"
  • "I'm very busy at the moment so I'm only going to do the things that are on top of my to-do list!"

I know it seems a bit silly and probably a bit childish to 'force' yourself to think a certain way at the start but once you start thinking more positive thoughts you'll genuinely feel a lot happier.

Another thing that I genuinely don't understand is when people constantly look as if they've been given the worst news possible and the world is ending.
Obviously if you're after receiving bad news then I'm very sorry but if you haven't then lighten up!!!
Life is far too short to spend it all in a grumpy mood!
Smile a little more!
Laugh a little more!
Dance a little more!
Giggle a little more!
Stop being so emotionless about nothing! If you're currently reading this blog post then that means you're a living, breathing, beautiful human who deserves to live an amazing life and if that's not something to be thankful about then I don't know what is!!!
There's so much in life to be thankful about. 
Focus on all of that. 
Focus on love.

I loooove random acts of kindness, they make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside and just a simple act of kindness can inspire another person to do one too!
I wish random acts of kindness were less random and more frequent.
Imagine if you did something every day to make somebody happy and then someone made you happy too. That'd be class.
Obviously self-love is incredibly important and you should always give time to yourself to reflect and meditate and grow as a person but it's also so important to have positive interactions with other people too.
Sorry to burst your bubble but there's more to life than just you!
Don't forget about the people who care about you and love you.
I literally just thought of this there so I must try and do it too ahaha but why not try this:

Do something every day to make someone else happy
do something every day to make yourself happy.

Give it a go!
It doesn't have to be anything crazy, it doesn't have to involve money at all, and it doesn't have to be anything fancy!

Why not try these for others:
  • Help your mom bring in the shopping bags from the car even though you're watching your favourite show on the telly
  • Pay for the person's coffee who's in the queue behind you in the coffee shop
  • Offer the person who works with you a lift home even though they live about 10 minutes away from you

And try these for yourself:

  • At the end of a busy day sit down, turn off your phone, relax, mediate, and let your mind be free
  • Have an extra-long bath
  • Buy yourself that bar of chocolate that you always wanted to try

I know some of ye reading this blog post probably think I'm a bit silly telling everyone to be nice but I genuinely believe if everyone was nicer to each other then the world but such a cooler, happier, groovier place to be! Okay, I know that that sounded so cheesy so sorry ahahaha but it had to be said!

Just a few weeks ago it was lashing raining and I was strolling into town. My umbrella went completely gaga so I stood under a bus stop, there was an old woman waiting there too. I said hello to her and then we chatted about how awful the weather was, typical Irish people, I know! It turned out that she just came out of a scan in the hospital because she was sick and she was waiting to be collected by her son. I had a few freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies in my bag (of course I had ahaha, typical me!) so I gave her one and she loved it, at least she told me she liked it anyway!
That interaction reminded me that you never know what anybody else is going through so you should always try and be as kind to other people as possible!
Obviously I'm not saying that you should always carry around cookies in your bag and hand them out to people ahahaha, well do that if you want to!
But I guess this lovely woman reminded me that everybody is human, and a little bit of kindness goes a long way!

I guess this blog post is just a little reminder to be as kind to others as you can! Why not think of a few random acts of kindness to do...why not:
  • Bake a cake for your neighbour
  • Talk to the old woman sitting next to you on the bus
  • Smile at the man that passes your car every morning on your way to work
  • Cook dinner for your best friends
And of course you gotta be kind to yourself too!


Sorry if this blog post was a bit random, I was just thinking about it a lot lately and I just wanted to share my thoughts with ya!
Until the next blog post, be kind to others and eat your veg!
Big love,


  1. Love this Darragh ������

    1. Thank you unknown human! Sending you big hugs :) :) :)


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