Sunday, 5 November 2017

Soma Coffee Company

Soma is literally my favourite place in Cork, I think it's the coolest place ever, and I'd say it's definitely one of my favourite places in the whole world, no joke!

If you've never heard of Soma (where have you been, living under a rock?!) it's a café open on Tuckey Street in Cork city. Not gonna lie, I had no clue where Tuckey Street was ahaha but it's the street just off Grand Parade in town, it's near the library and Bishop Lucey Park!
But yeah Soma do unreal coffee, gorgeous cakes and snacks, delicious toasties, and loads more!

Everything about Soma is class, the coffee is ridiculously good, the food is divine, the whole vibe is so cool, and of course everyone working there is so so sound!

I've always liked coffee but oh my god Soma has turned me into a coffee geek like ahaha I love it! I just think it's so interesting how the different flavours and stuff are made, all depending on the type of coffee bean and if it's been roasted etc etc! If there's a course in college where you can study coffee for like 4 years someone let me knowwwww ahaha!
Soma do literally every type of coffee that you'd be looking for, and all unbelievably delicious!
They do everything like flat whites, and filter coffee, and during the summer they did iced coffee too mmmm.

Just recently they've started doing a tasting menu and it's so cool omg! My friend Michael got 'The Haul & Oats' and it was the grooviest thing ever, it comes out on a little wooden board, fierce fancy altogether!

And Soma have 4 different types of non-dairy milk yahooooo! You can choose from soy, almond, oat, or cashew, so there's plenty of choice, ya lucky duck!

The food in Soma is top quality like oh my god it's divine. There are so many vegan options too, like the  delicious snacks from My Goodness! And, according to my friends who are caramel slice experts, the caramel slices with the white/milk chocolate marble design are the best caramel slices in the whole country!

There's nothing worse than finding a really cool place for food but then it turns out that the people who work there are lousy ahaha but this isn't true for Soma at all!!!! Literally everyone there is so so sound and funny and genuine and kind and welcoming and I could literally chat to them all for days! And of course they're all top class at the magical art of coffee-making!

This might sound funny but I love furniture and decoration etc and oh my god the furniture in Soma is like the furniture I'd have in my dream house!
It's all wooden/minimalist/industrial-ish but it doesn't feel cold or unwelcoming at all!
There's a couch down at the back of the café and you could actually sit on it all day and you'd be happy out! Whenever I go to Soma with my friends it's always a bonus if the couch is free ehehe we sprint down to get it before anyone else does lol!

I love that Soma is such a creative space, if that makes any sense at all! Like whenever I go there I always feel inspired and motivated and happy.
Hehe that's so cheesy but it's true!
The last time I was there with my friends (shoutout to Maeve and Michael!) we all got coffee and food, sat down on the couch (of course!), and it was so relaxed and lovely.
Soma is literally the perfect place to catch up with friends and just chat and chat and chat!
You'd nearly lose track of time when you're there, in a good way obvs!
They always have such cool music playing and the vibe is just so so cool.

I couldn't do a whole blog post about Soma and not mention Banana Melon Kitchen! Omg BMK is actually the coolest company ever, everything they make is beyond divine! BMK make whole-food, plant-based treats like Bounty bars, chocolate and tahini brownies, and loads more!

This is the chocolate and tahini brownie made by Banana Melon Kitchen with a cashew milk flat white and oh my goodness it was the BEST brownie I've ever had in my life. Ever. It was ridiculously delicious like, if you ever see them in Soma get one, feck it get 10!!!!

A few weeks ago Soma and Banana Melon Kitchen did a vegan brunch with waffles and toast and it was class oh my god. I literally forced all my friends to come with me ahaha, it was such a lovely event!
I got the creamy mushrooms on sourdough toast with almond feta and rocket and pickled veg, and a flat white with cashew milk and it was absolutely divine.
My friend Leah got the avocado on sourdough toast and it came with a little pot of coconut bacon and it was the grooviest thing I ever tasted, it was so so nice!
Check out Banana Melon Kitchen's websiteFacebook, and Instagram for all your food inspiration needs!

Soma are always hosting other events too like cuppings where you can go and slurp loads of coffee and learn about all the beans etc, so defo check them out if you're interested in that!

So yeah in case you can't tell already I love Soma and all the people there so much, so if I'm ever in town, there's a 99% chance that you'll find me there ahaha! (The other 1% is if I'm rushing and running around town and I don't have time, which happens a bit cuz I'm not the most organised person lol)
Also, shoutout to Michael and Maeve who always come to Soma with me, literally whenever we meet up in town, we're just like:
Ahaha, they're cool dudes.

Make sure to check out Soma's Facebook and Instagram and if you're ever in town call into them and treat yourself to a coffee, you won't be disappointed! 


Here are some more pictures!

Defo call into Soma sometime soon, such a cool, groovy, creative, relaxed place!
Until next week, eat your veg and be kind to others.
Thank you Soma for everything!
Big love,

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