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I started Plant Powered Human to try and inspire people to lead happier and healthier lives, and one thing that I think is crucial to being happy and healthy is movement.
I'm talkin' about exercise, moving, dancing, running, jumping, whatever shape or form you like to move!
Yeah it's grand if you eat a healthy diet, but if you don't move at all then you're probably not going to be very healthy!
Now please don't think I want everyone to be Olympic athletes ahahaha not at all!
I just wanted to type this blog post to hopefully help you see movement and exercise in a better light, and hopefully it'll help some bit!

Now before we get into this blog post, let me tell ya that only a few years ago I used to hate exercise and sport.
I just didn't get it.
I used be like "Why bother getting all sweaty and manky and just wasting your time?"
Ahahaha oh how time has changed things!
If you currently think what I used to think about sport and movement and exercise then pleeeeease read this post with an open mind and maybe try and see if you can change your mindset any bit!

Now before you think I'm some weird hippy or someone who's obsessed with exercising, hear me out!
I guess in the past few years I realised that exercise and moving the body is a celebration of life and it brings you back to nature and it just gets rid of all the cobwebs in your body and mind!
I know that sounds like a load of shite but it's true!
There is genuinely no better feeling than the feeling you get after moving your body, however you move it!
We all live such busy lives, so taking some time out to exercise is kind of like saying thank you to your body! 
And before you tell me that you're too busy and too tired to exercise or move in any way, shape or form, exercising actually boosts your energy, helps inspire you, and is 100000% not a waste of time, trust me!

I suppose my whole change in mindset towards exercise happened thanks to Ellie Goulding, my favourite human being ever omg! She got me into running and since then I've never looked back!
So yeah one day I just started running and I haven't stopped since! It's my favourite form of movement but I get that it's not everyone's cup of tea so don't worry if it's not your favourite!
I actually injured my knee a few months ago so I haven't been running as much since, but my injury actually inspired me to be curious about other forms of movement.
That's what got me into yoga, cycling, and working out!

I try and exercise every day because I just think moving your body is ridiculously important but obviously some days I'm busier than others so I'd say I exercise (on average) about 5 days in the week!
I vary my movement as much as possible, and I love doing a mixture of running, yoga, cycling, and working out!
A week of exercise for me probably looks a bit like this:
(Obvs it changes a bit cuz life gets in the way!)

   Monday // HIIT workout
Tuesday // Yoga
Wednesday // Run
Thursday // Yoga
Friday // Cycle
Saturday // Rest day 
Sunday // Yoga

I know some people are probably looking at that week and being like:
"Whatttt where do you find the time for so much exercise?"
And I know other people are looking at that week and being like:
"Whatttt why don't you exercise more than that?"
But yeah I'll chat about that in a minute, balance is everything, literally!

I think the most important thing with exercise is incorporating it into your life in a way that is positive, inspiring, and maintainable!
Okay, I know that sounds like a load of shite too but trust me!
There's no point in being like "I want to run a marathon in 5 weeks" if you've never ran in your life ahaha!
Start by taking small steps towards your goals and try involve your movement in your life, i.e try and make it as easy to fit into your schedule as possible!
The photo just up there is me wearing my helmet in the staff room in work ahaha! Basically it's an example of an easy way to incorporate some sort of exercise in your life! I cycle to work and home again and it genuinely puts me in such a good mood for when I'll be working and then I'm in a good mood again after cycling home!
Here are some things you can try and do to help you move more:

  • Walk or cycle to work
  • Take the stairs instead of waiting for the lift
  • Meet up with friends and go for a walk
  • Walk or cycle to places instead of driving or getting the bus
  • Try a relaxing 15 minute yoga session at night to get you ready to go to sleep
  • You don't need to go to a fancy gym, do a no-equipment-needed HIIT workout at home!

I think another reason I love exercising so much is that because it proves that you can be just as strong as a person who eats a 'normal' diet if you eat a plant-based diet.
I'm not gonna get into the 'protein' side of things ahaha but I'm just going to say it's a pretty good feeling when people doubt you because you don't eat meat and then they see how fit you are and they're like "oh"!!!

And moving your body helps you not only physically but mentally too!
Obviously when you exercise there are all the endorphins that are released etc (I'm not gonna go into the science of it ahah don't worry!) but exercise also gives you some time in your day where your mind can just rest and relax and stop trying to think of everything it needs to think of!
If I'm ever super busy I'll always make sure to fit in a run, even if it's only 15 or 20 minutes long, I find the time out when I'm running allows me to breathe and it gives my mind a well-earned break from the noise of life ahah!
There is no better feeling that going on a run, having your favourite songs blaring in your ears, completely zoning out, and just allowing the mind to rest!

I genuinely can't put into words how powerful exercise can be and how much it can help both physically and mentally!
If you'd like to incorporate more movement into your life, why not start by adding 1 type of movement just once a week and build from there!
You could try doing a 20 minute yoga session every Monday, and then build up to doing yoga every Monday and Friday!
Find what suits you best and go for that!
And another thing is to ENJOY it!!!!!!
I genuinely don't get when people hate exercise, or they feel as if they "have to" workout on a certain day or whatever...
Follow these simple rules and exercise will change your life, no joke!

  • Do what you love - If you love doing yoga and HIIT workouts then do that! Who's stopping you?! There's no point in exercising if you don't actually enjoy what you're doing! Btw don't confuse enjoyment with something being 'easy'!!! I love yoga but that doesn't mean I don't sweat or hurt when I do it ahaha!
  • Listen to your body - If you're tired and genuinely not in the mood to go for a run then don't! If your back hurts for a while then don't go lifting those weights! Rest is so important when you're exercising and how do you expect to have a good workout if you're injured?! Also, if you already did some yoga but really want to go for a run, then do it! Last week the sun was just setting and I got a sudden urge to go for a run, so I did! And it was class!
  • Mix it up - Try as many different forms of movement as you want, if you like! Variety is the spice of life so spice things up! Tbh I think everyone should do yoga, it's just class so definitely try it out some time! Or why not try swimming or hiking or mountain biking or whatever ya want! Different forms of exercise benefit the body in different ways, so defo try as many different forms of exercise as you want!

I know this blog post was probably a bit all over the place ahaha but I hope it helped inspire you some bit to go for a run or go swimming or move your body more, in whatever way you'd like to!
I think I'll do more exercise-related blog posts in the future because it's something that I'm extremely passionate about.
And because, for me, being 'healthy' is so much more than just eating a healthy diet! I feel that health is a mixture of eating healthily, and being physically and mentally healthy!
I could talk so much more about everything I've just said but I think I'll leave it until the blog posts in the future!
I hope you liked this blog post and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them at the end of this blog post, or you can chat to me over on my Instagram, or you can send me an email to
Don't forget to come back on Wednesday for another blog post!
Until then, move as much as you can, eat your veg, and be kind to others!
Big love, 

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