Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Umi Falafel

Last week I went to Umi Falafel on Academy Street and oh my god I nearly had to roll home afterwards, I was so full of delicious food!!!

Umi Falafel have 4 locations so don't worry if you're not from Cork!
You can find them in:
  • Dublin (Dame Street)
  • Dublin (Rathmines)
  • Belfast (Botanic Avenue)
  • Cork (Academy Street)

Umi Falafel is totally vegetarian and they have so so so many vegan options it's crazy! Like, it actually took me a while to decide what to get because there were so many options mmmm oh yes.
'Umi' is the Arabic word for mother which perfectly explains the type of food you can expect to get there; good, fresh, tasty, filling food that'll fill you up and make you feel goooood.
Everything is made fresh at Umi Falafel, all their falafels, sauces, salads, the whole lot!
And you can genuinely taste the freshness of the food, it's class!
Anddd everything is such a good price too, such good value for money!

When I finally decided what to get ahaha, I got the 'Meal Two' meal deal which consisted of 4 falafels, a salad, hummus, and a drink. So the salad I got was the lentil salad which was made up of green lentils, chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers, and a cumin dressing! And I got a black coffee as my drink.
I also got some pitta breads, some baba ghanoush, and some spinach filo rolls.
Genuinely it was absolutely delicious, too too nice!

I can't do a blog post all about Umi Falafel and not mention their falafels!
Oh my god their falafels!!!
They're lovely and crisp on the outside and then on the inside they're nice and soft and omg they taste divine.
And if you put a bitta hummus on a chunk of falafel before you eat it omg you're in for a treat!
So so nice, defo try the falafels, eat as many as you can!!!

And speaking of hummus, their hummus is next level, like it's class!
So so smooth and creamy and it's really nice to dip whatever food you get into it! I was dipping whatever I could find into the hummus ahaha it was so good!

Oh my god these spinach filo rolls were beyond divine!!! So crispy and the flavour was rocking'! I love the veggie spring rolls from Aldi and these are 1,000 times better! Seriously divine!

Umi Falafel is such a class place. The vibe there is just so cool, it's really relaxing and chill, and you could genuinely spend the whole day there without realising it!
I love the lightbulbs they have dangling around the place, and the art painted on the walls is really beautiful!
And they play such good music too! I literally typed a note on my phone when I was there (so I wouldn't forget when I'd be typing this blog post!), I typed "Umi Falafel playing the choonzzz!" ahaha they had the tunes playing!

I was actually stuffed after eating all the delicious food so I asked if I could get the rest in a bag to takeaway and it wasn't a bother at all! Umi also does takeaway food so if you're in a rush you can still get fab food!
So I got my hummus and baba ghanoush in 2 tubs and I took my pitta with me too!
I also got a ridiculously refreshing 'Citrus C' juice which was made up of orange, grapefruit, and lime. It was so so nice, and the kick from the lime really makes it fab, I loooove lime so much omg!
It was actually my first time trying baba ghanoush and I can say it won't be my last! Oh my god it's class! It's basically hummus but it's made from aubergine and has some tahini and lemon juice, absolutely delish!
Here are some more pictures of my trip to Umi Falafel:

Umi Falafel you're absolutely class and I can't wait to come back and eat even more delicious food!
If you've never been to Umi Falafel I highly recommend you go there, you won't be disappointed at all!
Make sure to check out their websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep up to date with all things falafel-related!
Thank you thank you thank you to Umi Falafel, ye're all class!
Big love,

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