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What I Ate In London - Part 2

Oh London I love you!
In fact, I love London so much, I've typed another blog post all about my trip!
It's called 'What I Ate In London' Part 1 and you can read it by clicking here!!
Hope you enjoy!


So yes, if you're reading this post after reading Part 1 then you'll know all about the concert etc etc so I won't keep you waiting any longer and we'll dive right into my 2nd day in London and all the food I ate!
Just to let ya know: I didn't plan on getting 3 breakfasts, it just kinda happened...I told you I love food okay!

For my 1st breakfast I went to 26 Grains in Neal's Yard and I'm not even joking I could've stayed there all day! It was about only 8am so it was freeeeezing outside so inside the café it was gorgeous and cosy and warm!
I got the 'Banana Cacao' porridge and a hot chocolate made with almond milk and I know I say it for everything that I eat but this was actually ridiculous, the BEST porridge and hot chocolate I've ever had. Ever.
The porridge was made from almond milk oats, banana, coconut yogurt, cacao nibs, and date syrup and I swear to Christ it was heavenly.
And the hot chocolate was divine, it was made from cacao, chocolate, and almond milk. I have no clue how it was so frothy and creamy but I actually wanted to marry it, it was that good!
If you're ever in London you have to have to have to check out 26 Grains, you certainly won't be disappointed!

Breakfast no.2 was only a cup of coffee but I'm still calling it my 2nd breakfast cuz it was a serious cup of beanzzz! I got the idea to go to Timberyard Seven Dials thanks to The Happy Pear because they did a vlog when they were in London and they said that it's their favourite café in London so I had to check it out!
And I wasn't disappointed in the slightest, it's so so cool, such a fun, creative, exciting space, I fell in love with it straight away!
I got an oat milk flat white and it was so delicious! They give you a big wine bottle full of water and a little cup too, they have everything seriously thought out, and I genuinely appreciate that so much in any café or restaurant!
Even the bathroom was groovy! There was a little sticker on the mirror that said "you are beautiful" and I thought it was such a powerful message from such a small sticker!
It's the small things!

Then I headed to Over Under Coffee for breakfast no.3 and it was the grooviest thing I ever had! Like they had some serious munch!

Okay, apart from all the fab coffee/food/etc, one of the main colours in the café is yellow and yellow is my favourite colour ehehe! And they serve their coffee in the most amazing yellow mugs!

I went for an oat milk flat white (in case you can't tell by now, a flat white is my coffee order ahaha!) and I got the coolest toast I ever had ever! It was called 'PBJ' and it was toasted sourdough bread topped with cashew butter, chia seed jam, and sprinkled with some seeds on top!
It was classsss, 10 out of 10.
And at this stage I was absolutely stuffed with all the food I was after eating, and the funniest thing about it was that it was only like 10am ahaha!

When I was planning my trip to London, one of the things that I HAD to try was Jarr Kombucha. I'm a massive kombucha fan, not only because of its health benefits, but also because I don't drink alcohol at all (which might sound a bit odd cuz I'm from Ireland, aka the land of the drink) but yeah I'm just not into it, and that's where kombucha comes in!
Kombucha is fermented (like alcohol) and you can get some flavours of kombucha that taste and smell like alcohol so it's a win-win situation! And it's really fizzy and so refreshing and just class.
So yeah I'm a massive kombucha fan so I was dying to find me some Jarr Kombucha!
And believe it or not, they had some in Over Under Coffee, I was delighted!
I got the ginger flavour, because I'm obsessed with ginger and because I'm ginger ahaha maybe that has something to do with it!
But yes omg it was the best kombucha I've ever had. Ever.
Thank you Jarr Kombucha for being so class and please come to Ireland soon, I'll buy buckets of your booch!!!

I also met up with my friend Faoileann who I absolutely adore and she's currently living in London! I love her to pieces and we went for lunch with Niall (my brother) and Shaun (Niall's friend and my friend too) because they went on a trip to London too!
Believe it or not, I was actually too full from my 3 breakfasts to eat anything for lunch ahaha, but it was lovely to catch up with Faoileann and chat about life! She's an absolute star!

There was a lovely vegan Indian food stall doing savoury waffles but I was too full to try any ahaha!

I could've spent all day in Planet Organic but I had to head back to the airport ahaha! I picked up some delish chocolate though, so so class!

I'm not sure if you can get LovingEarth chocolate here in Ireland but I fecking hope you can because it's absolutely ridic! Their chocolate is made from whole-food ingredients so it's a lot healthier than 'normal' chocolate and oh my god their flavour combinations are just spot on!
And if you know me at all you'll know that I'm OBSESSED with anything mint chocolate, I just think it's the best flavour combination in the world ahaha so I was delighted to pick up the big bar of LovingEarth's 'Mint' chocolate!
If anyone knows if you can buy this in Ireland please give me a shoutttt!

In the airport I went to Joe & The Juice but by golly I won't be going back there again anytime soon ahaha I got one of the mankiest smoothies ever!
I went for some smoothie with vegan protein, almond milk, and a banana because it sounded safe enough but oh Christ it was disgusting ahaha!
There were chunks of banana floating around the smoothie and it just was not good at filled me a bit but oh lord it was manky, I'd give it a 1 out of 10 it was baaaad.

In London I really wanted to go to a Veggie Pret, a Pret A Manger that's totally vegetarian and they have loads of vegan options, but I never got to one! But to be fair, the normal Prets are so so vegan friendly and they have everything labelled so well! G'wan Pret!
And omg I got the BEST sandwich ever, it was their "Very Merry Christmas Lunch" vegan sandwich which had grilled carrots, spinach, vegan stuffing, crispy onions, caramelised pecans, and a port and orange cranberry sauce, it was ridic!!!!
I'm not a massive packaged sandwich fan, I usually find they're mushy and boring but oh sweet lord this was the best sandwich ever. It was literally Christmas in sandwich form, so so class!

Then I hopped on my plane home (which was delayed, again, shoutout to Ryanair for being the absolute worst ahaha cop on like) but I was greeted by my absolute starrrrr of a twin, I love her to bits!!!! She even had a little sign with my name ahaha she's gas!
Ailbhe (my twin) was actually the person who inspired me to start my own blog so thank you for that, sis! Her own blog is pretty groovy, it's called The Red Brunette, check it out by clicking here!


So that's it! That was what I ate in London!
I hope you enjoyed these 2 blog posts, and if you haven't read Part 1 yet then get yourself sorted and read it here ahaha!
I absolutely love travelling and I can't wait to see where I'll end up going to in 2018!
Thank you so so much for reading, and make sure to check back on Wednesday for another blog post!!!
Big love,

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