Sunday, 4 February 2018

My Goodness

Oh my goodness I love My Goodness so much it's crazy, they're one of my faves, I love everything they do!
You can find them at their stall in the English Market and at these farmer's markets:
  • Wilton Farmer's Market - Tuesday - 10am to 2:30pm
  • Mahon Point Farmer's Market - Thursday - 10am to 2:30pm
  • Douglas Farmer's Market - Saturday - 10am to 2:30pm
  • Coal Quay Farmer's Market - Saturday - 10am to 2:30pm

Everything they make is 100% vegan and so so good!
From their website, My Goodness is an "ethical, health-focused business that specialises in vegan, raw, sugar free, gluten free, and fermented products", so basically they tick all the boxes, make everyone happy, and are just class humans!

I love everything My Goodness create, their flavours, textures, colours are all out of this world!
Speaking of colours, I think My Goodness is the most colourful stall in the whole of Ireland! Their stall is actually like a rainbow with so many different types of veg, kombucha, kimchi, and so much more!

What I love about My Goodness (apart from their fab food, obviously!) is their creativity and sense of humour. The "It's ferment to be!" sign in the picture just above this literally cracks me up whenever I see it! My Goodness is such a unique and creative company, I've genuinely never seen anything like them before!
I'm obsessed with their branding, designs, labels, signs, everything! They're so unique and creative and I love how they make even just something as simple as a label so cool and funky and amazing!

I don't know how they do it, everything they make is absolutely gorgeous, like these raw cakes! I got the orange and beetroot cake and of course I had to get the mocha cake cuz anything coffee flavoured I'm just like yessss.

Another thing I love about My Goodness is that they're so conscious about the environment and they're so committed to doing as much as they can to help create a better planet for everyone!
They use eco-friendly food containers and they also sell lots of their food in glass jars and glass bottles which I love!
You can buy a bottle of kombucha or kefir and if you bring the bottle back you can get it refilled for a discounted price yahooo!
And if you bring your own container/bottle/whatever-you-use-to-store-food then you can get your food for a discounted price too, oh yes!
So not only are My Goodness helping the environment, they're helping you too!

Just before Christmas I said I'd treat myself to a big bottle of kombucha so of course My Goodness was the place to go for my booch needs! 
It was so so delicious, so fizzy, and I mean look at that colour!!! And of course kombucha is non-alcoholic so it's a great alternative if you're trying to drink less alcohol or stop drinking completely!

I got this mint, cucumber, and lime kefir in my Keep Cup and oh my goddd it's class, so refreshing and funky and it transported me to a tropical island for sure! Anything with mint in it I love!

Speaking of mint, I got this mint chocolate raw cake and I have to say it's my absolute fave! Mint chocolate is my favourite flavour combination ever and My Goodness certainly didn't disappoint, so so so so good!
If you're to try anything from My Goodness, you HAVE to try this mint chocolate cake, defo!!!
I could talk for the next 40 years about how brilliantly amazingly fab My Goodness is but I don't want to bore anyone ahaha so here are some more pictures that I hope capture how brilliant My Goodness is:

Also I have to send massive hugs to the whole My Goodness crew because all of them are the kindest, funniest, most interesting, most amazing, and most inspiring humans ever! I love ye to bits!!!!
I hope this blog post has captured at least some of the magic of My Goodness!
And defo the next time you're in town at the English Market, or at any of the farmer's markets, pop in, say hello, and treat yourself to some amazing My Goodness deliciousness!
Make sure to check out their websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep up to date with all things My Goodness-related!
Ooh and I just remembered you can find their cakes in Soma and loads of their products in the Quay Co-Op so you definitely have to try their food some time, you won't be disappointed, trust me!
Thank you thank you thank you to My Goodness, keep up the amazingly brilliant work that ye all do, and I'll see ye soon!
Big love,

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