Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Bookshelf

Hello hello hope life is good!
I've wanted to type this blog post when I started my blog but I wanted it to be good so I said I'd wait a bit, and it's finally here!

The Bookshelf is literally one of my favourite places in Cork.
It's just class.
My friend Jess introduced me to The Bookshelf way back when I was in 3rd year of secondary school, so about 6 years ago, and I've been going there ever since!
Back then I didn't drink coffee or even tea so my go-to was always a hot chocolate with marshmallows, but then it changed to a mocha (I think!), and then a flat white, and then a flat white with soy milk, and now my go-to is a flat white with coconut milk!
So I guess you could say that The Bookshelf got me interested in all-things-coffee and I've been hooked since then!

Just in case you don't know, The Bookshelf is on South Mall in town, next to The Imperial Hotel. You can check out their website if you need directions and to see the opening times.
There's also another Bookshelf in Tralee which looks absolutely amazing so if anyone is ever going to Tralee can you bring me too haha!
And I'm so excited because The Bookshelf is opening soon in the Elysian in town and I can't wait because from all the photos so far it looks divine and the food looks class and I just can't wait for it!

I love everything about The Bookshelf; the place, coffee, food, and especially everyone there!
This is going to sound so cheesy but literally every time I go there I always leave with a smile on my face. The entire Bookshelf crew are the soundest, coolest, kindest, funniest, most amazing people.
And their coffee and food skills are seriously brilliant because I can honestly say that I've never gotten something that I didn't like! I know that's a big statement haha but it's true!
Ridiculously delish coffee and food, and the loveliest people you'd ever meet, what's not to love!

I'm such a breakfast person like if I could only eat 'breakfast foods' for the rest of my life I'd be happy out, and by godddd The Bookshelf certainly knows how to do breakfast right!

Their avocado toast and porridge are my favourite in Cork, without a doubt. You seriously need to try them if you're in town and looking for a class breakfast!
The avocado toast also has poached eggs, feta, and roasted cherry tomatoes, but I'm really boring so I get just the avocado on the bread! The bread is absolutely divine as well, like I'd actually eat it on its own it's that good!
And their pimped coconut porridge is on another level altogether oh my god! My friend Holly introduced me to it and no porridge compares to it! The porridge is made with coconut milk and then it's topped with berries and banana and peanut butter and it's just divine. Any porridge I've gotten anywhere else isn't even half as nice as this!
And the portion sizes for everything they do is perfect like I can't fault them on anything!

And if you're like "Ah 'tis too hot in this weather to get porridge or hot coffee" then fear not cuz The Bookshelf make their own cold brew coffee and it is seriously good.

I've always been sceptical of not-warm-coffee ever since I made an awful iced coffee at home last summer ahahaha. But The Bookshelf's cold brew is so good and so full of flavour, and the bottle is divine as well!

This is going to sound pure cheesy but The Bookshelf is so reliable like if you're after strolling around town for a while and just want somewhere nice to sit down and chill out, you can literally always rely on The Bookshelf to be lovely and comfy and groovy.
If you're from Cork and you've never been to The Bookshelf then you need to sort yourself out and go there asap, and if you're visiting Cork I'd highly recommend you add The Bookshelf to your list of places to go, you won't be disappointed.


Thank you so so much to the whole Bookshelf crew for being so kind and funny and lovely, for always making the most delicious coffees, and for always making me smile!
Make sure to check out The Bookshelf's websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on all things Bookshelf-related, and keep an eye out to see when The Bookshelf at the Elysian opens because I'd say it's going to be class!
Here are a few more pictures...

I hope you liked this blog post, and the next time you're in town defo pop into The Bookshelf and treat yourself to a coffee!
See ya next week for another blog post!
Big love,

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