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Hello hello hello!
Hope life is good.
I've been wanting to do a blog post about this for ages so I'm buzzing to finally chat about all things fiid with ya.
In case you don't know, fiid is a Dublin-based company that make plant-based ready meals that are not only so filling, they're so savage too like.
If you're interested then definitely check out their websiteInstagramTwitter, and Facebook.
And of course if you'd like to get your hands on the pure deliciousness that is fiid, you can order from their website (free shipping in Ireland eyyy) and if you're in Cork you can find them in the Quay Co-Op and in Natural Choice. You can also find them in loads of other places (I think a good few SuperValus and independent health food stores too), just check out their website for all dat info.
I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to vegan ready meals and stuff like that. I feel that there are too many shite over-priced things labelled as 'vegan' just so that a company can make more money but the product tastes like absolute cardboard ahahaha.
But oh my god fiid is the complete opposite, like I genuinely can't explain how much I love everything they do.
They have 3 different meals atm: a hearty Moroccan chickpea tagine, a smoky Mexican black bean chilli, and an Italian sun-dried tomato & lentil ragu. I didn't want to do this blog post obvs until I had tried all 3 meals, and let's just say I've tried each one a goooood few times haha (the fiid addiction may or may not be reallll).
My favourite is probably the chickpea tagine but that's just because anything with chickpeas I'm all over like. So so savage.
Another thing I love about fiid is that the portion size is literally bang on like. It's the perfect size for a hungry vegan ahaha. They're great as a snack, for lunch, or dinner, and if I'm having one for dinner I just throw in a bit of rice or pasta to turn it into a Buddha bowl type-of-situation.
I love adding brown pasta to the ragu, brown rice is lovely with the tagine, and it's good craic turning the chilli into a Mexican bowl with like rice, guacamole, and a bit of coconut yogurt or something.
They're so versatile like you can literally make it as funky or as simple as you like, which is something I really love.
I'm finally back running (thank you, next, dodgy runner's knee hahaha) and I've been going to the gym with my best friend Holly a lot so I've been eating a lot more food lately and I'm not even joking when I say that fiid has like saved my life a good few times. They've saved me from being hangry a lottttt hahahaha.
And if you thought it couldn't get any better than that, then I've got news for ya.
So not only is fiid an Irish company and they make plant-based food, they're also so conscious of what they do and how it impacts the environment, and for every meal you buy they donate a school meal to a child in the developing world.
Like can you get any better than that?
In case you can't tell, I'm absolutely weakkk for fiid.
And their packaging is divine like, I mean, they're ticking all the boxes like.
If you haven't tried fiid yet, I'd really really recommend giving one (or all) of their meals a go because they're genuinely savage, they're an Irish company, and you'd be helping feed someone in the developing world too!
Check out their website for loads more info and defo check out their Instagram because it's full of good vibes, gorgeous photos, and the occasional seriously sexayyy lookin smoothie bowl and we all know how much I love a good smoothie bowl like yesss.
And of course I have to say a massive thank you to the fiid crew, thank you SO much for everything that ye do, the food is incredible and what ye do is so inspiring. You're definitely leading the way in the plant-based food scene. Keep up the savage work, and I can't wait for (hopefully) new meals yasss.
Big love,

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