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Utrecht & Amsterdam

Hello hello hello.
I'm just back from a quick trip to the Netherlands. I was visiting my friend Maeve who was studying in Utrecht for the year. We went to Amsterdam for a day when I was visiting her so in this blog post expect to find a good few places in Utrecht and Amsterdam that you should definitely check out if you're ever in that part of the world!
I haven't a clue how long this blog post is gonna be so sorry in advance but there'll be loadsss of pictures so it's all g.
Let's goooo.
This was a car park for bikes in Utrecht. So so cool.
I was so happy when I found one of my favourite kombuchas ever in a food shop / café in Utrecht.
I found Jarr Kombucha when I was in London and oh boy they make delish booch. I thought they only had their kombucha in England so I was delighted when I saw their bottles in Utrecht!
Defo check out their Instagram and pick up one of their bottles wherever you find it in the world! Their passionfruit kombucha is dreamyyyy.
The place I found the kombucha was called STACH Food. They have a place in Utrecht and I saw one in Amsterdam too. It's a kinda food store / café kind of place. They stock cool food etc but they're a bit notions. I got a slice of nice banana bread though so it was all g. And the fork was compostable so fair play to them for that.
The Homomonument in Amsterdam is really near to the Anne Frank House so it's really easy to find and definitely worth taking a moment and acknowledging the history of the monument.
As the sign says, this monument commemorates anyone who was oppressed and persecuted because of their sexuality. There are 3 triangles, one representing the past, another representing the present, and the final one representing the future.
This monument is so simple and understated, it really had an impact on me. I guess it made me realise how much struggle the LGBT+ community has gone through and it made me want to do my best for the future LGBT+ community to make their lives easier.

I think my favourite place out of all the places we went to has to be The Cold Pressed Juicery. We went to the one on Prinsengracht, there are 3 other juice places but this one is by far the one to check out. The interior is unrealllll, it's like all minimal with white walls and stools and concrete and wood and oh my god it's just amazing. All their food is organic and plant-based and I swear to god I got the most amazing food there, I actually wanted to stay there all day.
Their menu is absolutely fantastic, they have everything from juices and smoothies to raw snacks and delish coffee.
I got 'The Berry Beauty Bowl' and an oat milk flat white. It was so unreal I can't even explain like. I was actually emotional cuz it was so good, and the music they were playing was sooooo good as well, you really just have to go there to experience it for yourself!
Another place that I highly recommend checking out if you're in Amsterdam is the Moco Museum. It's a museum that showcases modern, contemporary, and street art. When we were there they had an exhibition of Banky's work along with work by Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.
I think Banksy is on a completely different level, I love his art, so to see his exhibition was unbelievable, he's just so cool like. And I love Keith Haring so much, he's brilliant! I didn't actually know that his art would be there too so I was delighted when I saw his stuff, he's class.
It was €12.50 for a student ticket which is unreal and it's honestly so worth going to. The museum itself is really cool and it wants you to get the most from each exhibition, like it's not notions at all.
I've always been a fan of art but this museum definitely helped me deepen my love and appreciation for all kinds of art, I just think it's amazing like.
Check out their Instagram for more info and defo check them out the next time you're in Amsterdam.
The coffee in The Cold Pressed Juicery was so good that I found out where it came from and then we went there! Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam is so worth checking out, the people there are so sound, it's a stunning space, and of course the coffee is divine.
I got a cold brew coffee and a slice of blueberry bread which I never heard of before but it was class! The coffee was so delish, especially cuz it was like 28oC at this stage and we were after strolling around the city for a while.
They sell bags of their coffee there too, I was so tempted to buy a bag but I had no space in my bag going home hahaha.
I'll definitely head back to Lot Sixty One when I'm in Amsterdam again, if you're interested you can check out their Insta here.
For dinner in Amsterdam we went to an Italian restaurant called Il Pecorino which was so delicious I can't even put into words. I couldn't enjoy the place fully cuz I think I had some sort of heatstroke which wasn't a good vibe so apologies that this is the only picture that I took hahahaha:
Okay I know I just got the most basic pizza marinara but oh. my. god. it was one of the nicest pizzas I have ever eaten ever. Like I can't even describe how delicious it was. And the place there is so gorgeous, it's really Italian and everyone working there was so so sound.

Back in Utrecht there was a fruit and veg shop really close to where Maeve was living so of course I was weakkkk when I saw all the fruit and veg and the nuts etc that you could buy plastic free.
The first day I was there I bought some amazing baklava which I could've eaten buckets of, and then the other day I was there I brought my own bag and bought some pecans cuz they're my favourite nut, and then I ate them by the canal. Talk about dreamyyyyy.
There was a really cool café near the canal, it had loads of different seating areas and there was even a grand piano there too! The place is called Het Muzieklokaal, definitely worth checking out if you're in that area of Utrecht.
I got their housemade iced tea which was urneal and there was loads of mint in it which was lovely cuz mint is like one of my favourite things ever (so I obvs ate the mint when I was finished with the drink hahaha).
And oh. my. god. I got literally one of the nicest things I've ever eaten. Literally. I can't describe how good it was, it was a Lebanese flatbread with beetroot hummus, grilled veg, some sort of pickle, toasted hazelnuts, some seeds, and leaves with a dressing on top.
Oh my god it was divine. Like the flavours, the textures, it was just insane like.
Their coffee menu seemed good and the lady who served us was so sound, defo worth checking out!
The last place I want to mention that you have to have to have to go to if you're in Utrecht is Blackbird Coffee & Vintage. This is my favourite café in the world. Without a doubt. It's the dreammmmm.
Not only do Blackbird do the most delish coffee (I got a flat white with oat milk, obviously haha) they have the most amazing bikes downstairs in their café!
The interior is so my style, I was weak for the place. It was kinda retro with concrete and a few funky bits, and of course loads of bikes and bike-related-things.
Honestly this café is the dreamiest and the next time I'm in Utrecht I'd happily spend every day there. I can't remember what music they were playing, but I'm sure it was good haha!
Defo defo defo check this place out, it's one of my favourite places in the world. No joke.
Their Instagram is here if you're interested in checking them out.
Blackbird I love youuuuuuu.
She obvs knows already but thank you to Maeve for being an absolute star, the best tour guide ever, the best chef, and best human for being able to put up with me for a few days hahahaha.
Love ya long time.
There we go!
If you've never been to the Netherlands, I'd highly recommend going there sometime, it's a brilliant place. And if you've been to Amsterdam and you're looking to go somewhere else, I'd defo check out Utrecht, it's a fab place and only like a 1/2 hour train from Amsterdam.
I hope you liked this blog post and hopefully it gave you a bitta inspo if you're traveling anywhere anytime soon!
Oh my godddd I just remembered, I was buying something in a shop in the airport in Amsterdam and this happened:
*Still Falling For You - Ellie Goulding is playing in the shop*
(Like, that was a sign from the universe)
The most handsome man ever is behind the counter and I bought whatever I was buying.
Handsome cashier: Have a nice flight, sir.
Me: Thanks, you too.
I actually diedddd, ya know when you're just so awkward like oh my god.
One of my favourite things about traveling is all the stories hahaha.
That's all for now. Until the next blog post, be kind to everyone you meet and eat your veg.
Big love,

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