Sunday, 13 October 2019

Cooking Vibes 11.0

How're you? Hope life is good.
Less than 3 months left of 2019, whatttt.
I read a few posts on Instagram from a few different people who were like checking in with themselves, seeing what they wanted to achieve this year, and then making plans for anything they still want to do or for things to do in 2020. I really like this idea so it's something that I must do myself. For me it's not a 'productive-get-everything-done-before-the-end-of-the-year' kinda thing, I'm just interested in seeing what I have going on in my life, what's helping, what's not, and see from there.
Musically speaking, this playlist is basically a summary of summer 2019 for me. As soon as I click play I'm back in the summer. It wasn't a particularly exciting summer in terms of stuff happening but it was lovely to allow my brain to chill, I'd describe it as when you leave a curry/stew on a low simmer and then when you get back to it it's thicker and delish. If that makes any sense? Hahaha that's how my brain works.
'Another Lifetime' by Nao is one of my favourite songs ever and it was playing in The Cold Pressed Juicery which was my favourite place when I went to Utrecht & Amsterdam to visit my bae Maeve, so sorry Maeve that I nearly died in that café cuz it was Nao and the café did all smoothie bowls and it was concrete and minimalistic and so sexy, it was the dreamiest experience.

This summer I properly listened to Frank Ocean's albums and I'm honestly so in love with that man, he's the dream. 'Self Control' is one of my faves, along with 'Swim Good' which Dermot Kennedy did a cover of like how delish is that.

Also, Carly Rae Jepsen is an absolute angel from above and I'm obsessed with her. She's a gay icon and her music is so brilliantly optimistic it literally puts a smile on my face anytime I hear her songs. If you only know her from 'Call Me Maybe', you need to do your research cuz you're missing out! Listen to 'Emotion', 'I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance', and 'Favourite Colour' from her album 'Emotion' and you won't be disappointed. And her music videos are stunning, watch 'Want You In My Room' and thank me later.

Other faves are Dermot Kennedy (his new album is top class), Mabel (brilliant tunes, brilliant album), Lauv (man's got skills), and hello like 'Motivation' by Normani just does it, every time.


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I hope you like this playlist as much as I do!
Play it loud the next time you're in the kitchen, cook yourself some good food, and enjoy the process.
This playlist can also be used for cleaning, running, cycling, crying, dancing, chilling, whatever you'd like to use it for hahahaha.
Thank you for reading this blog post, if you still are!
If you wanna get in touch please feel free to send me an email to or else you can give me a shout over on my Instagram.
Happy vibing and big love,

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