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My name is Darragh Woods, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Cork, Ireland.
Before I get chatting, just to let you know, you can contact me on here, or by sending me an email to plantpoweredhuman@gmail.com, or over on my Instagram.
I'm not a fan of labels, but if I had to describe myself in a few words I'd say that I'm vegan, a blogger, an environmentalist, bisexual, and just a human being I suppose.
I'm also ridiculously interested and so passionate about cooking, making things from scratch, health, sustainability, conscious consumerism, minimalism, local businesses, coffee, bread, meditation, running, yoga, working out, and loads of other things.
I started Plant Powered Human as an outlet for me to chat about all things plant-based / environment / life / etc so kind of like an online-diary-notebook-thing. I also hope this blog reminds people to allow themselves to be more human and to enjoy life to the fullest. Cheesy but true.

I suppose the name I chose for my blog can be broken down into everything that I chat about on here...

Plant: Whole-food plant-based recipes / Tasty / Vegan / Healthy
Powered: Movement / Exercise / Mental health / Feeling good
Human: Life and everything that comes with it / Music / Laughter / Good vibes
So yeah, there we have it!
If you have any questions or want to chat, send me an email to plantpoweredhuman@gmail.com or you can send me a message to my Instagram.
Big love,

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